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    We're Built Ford Proud

  • Kelly Stoudt - Sales Manager

    Kelly has truly grown up in the dealership.  He's part of the 4th Generation of family operation and started in the family business by mowing lawns and sweeping floors.  Through it all he has been a part of how the dealership continues to grow, expand and change.  When Kelly's not managing all the duties that come with his title, he's spending time with his daughters, enjoying good Summer weather days on the lake or jamming with friends as he's an accomplished guitar player.  From music to muscle cars, Kelly can help.

  • Clint Boom - General Manager
    General Manager

    If you've ever driven through or stopped into Edgeley, ND then you know where Mr. Boom is from.  EHS Football led to Jamestown College (now U of J) football which led to a Business Degree.  Clint started with the dealership after helping sandbag Casey Stoudt's house during a flood and Mr. Stoudt recognized his hard work ethic.  He's worked in numerous dealership departments including Maintenance, Service, Sales, Finance and now, he's our go-to guy.  When Clint's not being pulled in 100 different directions at the dealership, he can be found chasing after his toddler, fishing or wood working in his garage.  Our General Manager truly is a "Jack of All Trades".

  • Toni Haas - Avis Rental
    Avis Rental Manager

    Welcome to AVIS Rental.  Please give me a call if you're going to be in town and in need of a vehicle.  Thank you for considering us for your vehicle needs!

  • Dean Haas - Sales and Leasing
    Sales Associate

    Dean "The Little German" Haas is a native of Napoleon, ND.  Dean grew up on a dairy farm.  When he wasn't handling chores with his siblings, he was wrestling for the Napoleon Imperials.  Dean spent 10 years in the United States Army and reached the rank of Captain.  When he's not working at the dealership he enjoy spending time with his family, working out and being outdoors.  Put Dean's decades of Sales Experience to the test when considering your next purchase.

  • Brian Bertsch - Sales and Leasing
    Sales Associate

    You'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't recognize this Cowboy.  Born and raised in Jamestown and residing in Montpelier, Brian has been in the retail world his entire working life.  Brian's passion is for his family, his Corgie and of course, his horses.  Brian and his son's enjoy roping, rodeo and all things country.  Go ahead, let Brian wrangle up and tie down a deal for you!

  • Wade Lambrecht - Sales and Leasing
    Sales Associate

    Wade hails from Devils Lake, ND but has called Jamestown / Ypsilanti his home for well over 20 years.  Recognize the name?  That's no surprise.  Wade has worked in the retail industry for decades, from soup to nuts - literally!  You may even recognize his name and face from his years on the pro fishing circuit.  If Wade's not working on his acreage he can be found fishing (though he probably won't tell you where :-).  Give Wade a call and let him catch you a deal today!

  • Travis Samshal - Sales and Leasing
    Sales and Leasing

  • Jason Knudson - Finance, Leasing and Warranty
    Finance and Leasing Manager

    You may recognize Jason from his years of Automotive Financing in Bismarck.  Jason and his wife wanted to move to a smaller venue which is a benefit for us as we snagged him!  Questions on financing, leasing and extended warranties?  Give Jason a call today!

  • Dustin Erickson - Parts Manager
    Parts Manager

    Born and raised in Jamestown, Dustin is truly a "car guy" which makes him a fantastic asset to the dealership.  Not only does he manage the Parts Department, he puts his car knowledge to good use when building his Street Stock race car which you can find at the local and area races tracks all Summer long.  When he's not busy with those projects, he's working with other race car drivers and local businesses to help them create, print and install stickers, wraps and decals needed for their vehicles.  And then there's the time he gets to spend with his wife, daughter, son and two dogs.  Never a dull moment for this busy manager!

  • Jason Schmidt - Parts
    Parts Specialist

    Born and raised in Jamestown, it's rare to find Jason without a smile on his face.  When he's not assisting customers with their parts needs, he can be found hunting just about anything he can, anywhere he can.  Go ahead, ask him about his hunting trips.  Or he's working on projects in his house.  He sure is a handy guy to have around!

  • Mike Brevig - Parts
    Parts Specialist

    It's ok if you thought you saw Mike somewhere other than the dealership Parts Department.  Since he has a twin brother, they get that alot.  When Mike isn't assisting customers with their parts needs, handling shipping and receiving or making parts deliveries, he can be found kyaking or riding his motorized mountain bike in the Summer and working on his beloved project car and truck.  Go ahead, ask him about his babies!

  • Andy Kapp - Service Manager
    Service Manager

    Andy started in the Parts Department then managed the department then moved into the Service Manager shoes and now oversees Service, Parts, Body Shop and Quick Lane.  Needless to say, he's a busy guy.  When he's not wearing his multiple dealership hats, he's spending time with his son, working on his stock car, helping Dustin Erickson with their vehicle decalling business, working on house projects or watching any kind of circle track racing he can find on TV.  Did we mention he's also an active member of the El Zagal Shriner Clowns?

  • Niki Steele - Service Advisor
    Service Advisor - Ford and Lincoln

    This young lady worked at a local fast food restaurant and our General Manager was soooo impressed with her customer service skills, he offered her a job and man are we glad he did.  Give Niki a call if you need Ford, Lincoln or any other service scheduled for your vehicle.  She'd be happy to help!

  • Jason Schlecht - Service Advisor
    Service Advisor

    Jason knows his way around customer service.  Growing up he worked side-by-side with his parents running the local grocery store and meat market in Wimbledon.  When he's not assisting customers in the service drive, he's praying for snow so he can hit the trails on his sled.  Need service on your Ford, Lincoln or other brand vehicle?  Go ahead and give Jason a call today.

  • Darin Kelstrom - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Senior Master Certified Ford and Licnoln

    We may very well have lost count of how many years Darin has been with us.  All we know is we are blessed to have him.  This Ford Senior Master Certified Technician just plain knows his stuff, from gas cars to heavy duty commercial vehicles, he has you covered!

  • Larry Burkle - Service Technician
    Service Technician - CDJR Master Certified

    You'd be hard pressed to find someone in the local automotive industry that doesn't know Larry.  He's been an auto technician for a long as all of us can remember.  Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM vehicles are his area of expertise, and he's earned top billing as our Master Certified CDJR Technician, but over his decades of experience he's worked on just about everything.

  • Brandon Keyes - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

    Brandon is a true car lover and has a collection of tricked out trucks, cars and motorcycles.  It's no wonder he loves to work on vehicles as one of our Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM Service Technicians.

  • Tyson Wagner - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Senior Master Certified Ford and Lincoln

    We're going to need all of our fingers and at least one foot-full of toes to count how many years Tyson has been with us.  Fords and Lincolns are his specialty which may be why he's one of our Ford Senior Master Certified Technicians!  When he's not taking care of whatever vehicles come his way, he's wrenching in the kitchen and enjoying time with his son.  

  • Mike Lautt - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Senior Master Certified Ford and Lincoln

    Hey everyone, this is Mike.  Say HI MIKE!  He may be one of the "quiet guys" on the team, but don't let that fool you.  He has plenty of zingers to get the room a-gigglin'.  This Senior Master Certified Technician has been with us for of years and can tackle whatever you bring his way.  

  • Jared Meidinger - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Senior Master Certified Ford and Lincoln

    It's super rare to find this Senior Master Certified Technician without a smile on his face and a skip in his step.  We've been trying for years to figure out where he gets his positive energy from but no matter.  All we care is that he shares it with the rest of us!

  • Caleb Johnson - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Senior Master Certified Ford and Lincoln

    Hey look - yet another Senior Master Certified Technician.  Caleb grew up on a farm in Galesburg, ND and let's just say when he and his dad harvest their edible corn crop - EVERYONE at the dealership gets in line to buy!  When Mr. Johnson isn't wrenching on service vehicles, he can be found farming or racing and/or being a pit crew member at the local stock car track.  

  • Jess Dirksen - Service Technician
    Service Technician - Ford and Lincoln

    Jess will gladly help you with your service needs, especially with your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or RAM ride.  Originally from Sioux Falls, SD, Jess made his way North after college and started with us changing oil at our Quick Lane.  He quickly made his way over to our Service Team and we're sure glad he did.  

  • Dan Kapp - Body Shop Technician
    Body Shop Technician

    We don't count how long Dan has been with us in years.  We count by decades.  You'd be hard pressed to find someone in the area who doesn't know Dan.  When it comes to Body Work, Dan is the man.  When he's not sanding, scuffing, priming and painting, Dan is spending time camping with his family or on a snowmobile with friends.  

  • Jason Prodzinski - Body Shop Technician
    Body Shop Technician

    Jason's mad auto body skills have been part of our team since 2005 and we're sure glad he's ours.  Not only is he a talented body man he's just a darned fun guy to be around.  He'd be happy to help you with your vehicle repair or restoration needs.    

  • Randy Hagelie - Body Shop Technician
    Body Shop Technician

    We have to use 3 hands worth of fingers to count how long Randy has been with us.  From Sykeston, ND, this guy knows his way around the auto body world.  You should see his super cool project vehicles!  Go ahead, let Randy help you with your ride.  

  • Rylan Schwartz - Bed Liner Technician
    Bed Liner Technician

    Rylan was born and raised in Jamestown and is a JHS Grad.  When he's not spraying bed liners or assisting with body shop repairs he's wrenching on his project mud truck or helping on his grandfather's farm.  Need something spray lined?  Rylan is your go to guy!  

  • Elissa Kamlitz - Recon Specialist
    Recon Specialist

    Elissa's smile has been with us since 2013 and she sure knows how to take any vehicle and make it look like brand new!  When she's not taking care of all of our trade-ins and newly delivered rides, she's spending time with her daughter, pets and friends.   

  • Cassandra Aberle - Recon Specialist
    Recon Specialist

    Cassandra is another one of the smiling faces that help our dealership go 'round!  When she's not taking care of the endless flow of vehicles that need her attention, she's spending time with her adorable kids.  

  • Keith Anwiler - Recon
    Recon Specialist

    Keith keeps things moving in our Recon Department.  He helps us part-time but he sure puts a full-time effort into everything he does!

  • Kim Murray - Office Manager/Accountant
    Office Manager / Accountant

    Kim has been crunching numbers and managing our office since 2013.  Good luck keeping up with this busy gal, she is also the Accountant for Stoudt Ross Ford, Valley City and Precision Results Manufacturing, Jamestown.  She serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Concordia Lutheran Church and The Spiritwood Betterment Club.  Kim is an avid vehicle enthusiast delivering Meals on Wheels and staying active with local vehicle clubs including the Jamestown Drag Racing Association and the James Valley Street Machines.       

  • Becky Steinmetz - Administrative Assistant
    Administrative Assistant

    How do you give a title to someone who does a little bit of everything and helps everyone?  Becky's smile and incredible positive vibes have graced our dealership since 2014.  From directly assisting our Dealer Principle to customer service to training to dealership safety coordination to sales administration to.......the list goes on and on.  

  • Shawn Wagner - Service Advisor
    Service Advisor

    Shawn started changing oil in our service bays and it didn't take us long to realize his amazing customer service skills would be a fine asset to our Service Advisor team.  So, we brought him out front and he's been one of our go-to guys ever since!  Give Shawn a call today, he'd be happy to help.  

  • Andy Meier - Service Technician
    Service Technician

    We're pretty sure Andy could use a wrench before he could walk.  He is a true mechanic, through and through, and has been a well known service technician in Jamestown for decades.  We sure happy he's on our team!

  • Hank Brunner - Quick Lane and Maitenance
    Go To Guy

    We're so glad Hank is ours.  You may recognize him as the "Kirby Guy" as for many years he was THE go to-guy for all things vacuums in the area.  But when Hank was looking for a change we snagged him right up and now he's OUR go-to guy.  Good luck keeping up with all the tasks he takes on for our crew.